What Is Utimaco Hardware Security Module

Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of hardware based security solutions that provide the root of trust to keep cryptographic keys safe, secure critical digital infrastructures and protect high value data assets. Only Utimaco delivers a general-purpose hardware security module (HSM) as a customizable platform to easily integrate into existing software solutions, embed business logic and build secure applications. With German precision engineering, tamperproof Utimaco HSM offers scalable performance with the highest level of physical security and self-defense for hostile environments. Tens of thousands of enterprise and infrastructure companies rely on Utimaco to guard IP against internal and external threats and protect hundreds of millions of consumers globally. By building business applications on Utimaco’s hardware root of trust, customers achieve regulatory compliance and the security confidence to focus on their core business.

Utimaco CryptoServers

1. CSe-Series

CSe-Series is intended for those run highly sensitive application. The device guarantees tamper-responsiveness and active zeroization on mechanical or physical attacks, allowing for FIPS level 4, CC and banking industry certification. Available in 19-inch LAN appliance and PCIe plug in card.


  • Meets the requirements for FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certification for physical security
  • Meets the standards of the Common Criteria Certification
  • Particularly suitable for highly sensitive applications


  • High-speed elliptic curve calculations of up to 1,500 operations per second
  • Large internal storage capacity with high software implementation speed


2. Se-Series

Designed to cover the emerging needs for mass processing of crypto operations, our hardware Se-Series is developed for those who depend on high performance while trusting in certified and tamper-proof crypto security. Available in 19-inch LAN appliance and PCIe plug in card.


  • Certified in accordance with FIPS 140-2 Level 3.
  • Suitable for applications and market segments that require medium to high physical security.


The Se-Series covers the emerging needs for mass processing of crypto operations.

  • Up to 10,000 operations per second for AES and Bulk RSA
  • Up to 1,300 elliptic curve signatures per second


Why choose us?

Low Operational Costs

  • Highest performance at an attractive price
  • Inexpensive starter models for applications with lower performance requirements
  • Exhaustive remote administration
  • Efficient key management and firmware updates via remote access
  • Automation of remote diagnosis through network management system using SNMP protocol

Transparent Pricing

  • Unlimited connections without extra licenses.
  • Unrestricted use in applications.

Secure Investment

  • The open and uniquely modular software concept provides the ability
  • to upgrade to new or modified procedures even after several years.