Account Takeover, Fraud, costs businesses nearly 7 Billion a year. Allure Security addresses the root cause of such business by monitoring for site similarity, icons and images, login fields, phishing kit detection, ssl properties and dns characteristics. The end results is preventing credential theft, identity theft, payment data theft, personal information theft and content re-publishing.


Patented Artificial Intelligence learns to recognize your sites and begins to scour the internet looking for impersonations within 15 minutes of getting started with Allure.


Allure’s AI catches the scams that other vendors miss by visually examining millions of sites every day to detect online impersonations of your brand. Our solution finds credential theft (phishing), identity theft, payment data theft, personal information theft, and content re-publishing; and responds to mitigate the risk before your customers and your brand become victims.


Allure’s unique deception technology takes the fight back to the scammers. We stop them in their tracks by injecting realistic decoy data right into their attack sites. This breaks the scammers’ business model and helps to expose their real identities. Allure also provides best-in-class traditional responses via automated takedowns and blocklisting through our seasoned takedown team.


Allure gathers detailed intelligence about all the visitors to scam sites we detect. We profile both the scammers who set-up and run the attacks and the victims who get lured into them. Our clients use this data to lockdown accounts before they are taken over, and to prevent fraudsters from accessing their websites and other infrastructure.

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