Beyond Security AVDS Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Our Vulnerability Asset Management solution, beSECURE, the Automated Vulnerability Detection System, is trusted by thousands of companies and governments.

GDRP Update: beSECURE is ready to help you comply with the new security requirements as required by the EU GDPR.

beSecure comes in 3 modes:

Cloud based, hosted, SaaS solution
Appropriate for scanning cloud-hosted solutions
Grow from 100 IP to 50,000 IPs network, seamlessly

Highest security, exceeds all international standards
One box, with all data stored internally, on-premises
Appropriate for SMB, up to 2500 IPs

Highest security, with hardened appliances
For widely distributed networks of 1,000 to 1,000,000 IPs
Unlimited hierarchy of administrators and users

Strong Features of Beyond Security beSecure Solutions:

BeSecure Vulnerability Assessment is either deadly accurate, or the outcome is deadly.

BeSecure Vulnerability Assets Management (interface, test library, delivery system, reporting) must work for you now and secure your growing network into the future.

BeSecure Vulnerability Assets Management will deliver high accuracy without extraordinary effort or expertise. It facilitates the scanning of broad IP ranges to ensure you are finding and addressing the most serious vulnerabilities first.

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