Cyber Incident Response Services

You received thousands of alerts and one day, you saw your website with the wording “Hacked by ☠☠☠, your Security Sucks!

Lots of questions must be running through your mind.

When did the event happen?
How was it discovered?
Who discovered it?
Have any other areas been impacted?
What is the scope of the compromise?
Does it affect operations?
Has the source (point of entry) of the event been discovered?

Fortiedge is focused on helping organizations recover from cyber security incidents, while minimizing the impact of the incident on the organization, and ensuring the initial attack vector is not re-used at a later stage. We use proven and vetted methodology to discover the initial attack vector, backdoors, malware and piece together the whole story of your Cyber Security Incident.

We prepare your company for fieldwork discovery, identification of the problem, containment of the issue, eradication of the problem and its remnants. Lastly, we prepare your company for the recovery and things to put in place such that the problem will have minimal chance of occurring again.

Need any help or suspect something is very wrong ??

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