Cyber Threat Hunting & Incident Response Platform

Infocyte HUNT‘s Forensic State Analysis approach to threat hunting and AI-powered threat intel, enables security teams to hunt on your endpoints without having to piece together logs.

Compromise Assessments
Proactively and independently assess the state of your network environment. Easily determine the success of your security program and whether any of your systems have been breached.

Asset & Application Discovery
Use Infocyte HUNT to quickly catalog assets and applications alive on your network to pinpoint unauthorized devices and/or vulnerable systems and software.

Not all cyber attacks leverage malware — some use vulnerabilities. Infocyte hunts for vulnerable applications on your network, helping you determine which of them have been exploited.

Instant Alert Validation
Too many SIEM alerts? Use Infocyte’s API to instantly validate your SIEM alerts—initiating a forensic inspection of the host in question and returning a state of compromised or not—immediately.

Incident Response
Infocyte HUNT automatically analyzes, validates, and triages alerts from your SIEM, helping you streamline incident response and remediation efforts, and eliminate attacker dwell time.

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