Vulnerability Scanning with SAINTscanner®

Today’s attackers are more advanced than any time in modern history. With the growth of world-wide hacking groups and state-sponsored attacks, no industry sector is immune from attack.

Scan any target with an IPv4, IPv6, or URL for known vulnerabilities. Get automatic updates with new vulnerability checks and exploits on a daily basis.

Scan –

  • Operating systems
  • Web applications
  • Database applications

Determine –

  • Windows patch compliance
  • Anti-virus status
  • Existence of credit card
  • or social security numbers
Integrated Penetration Testing

Exploit vulnerabilities to gain remote access and prove their existence. Includes application, SQL, XSS, and PHP exploits. Run social engineering, phishing assessments, e-mail forgery and more with the exploit tools suite.

Configuration Auditing

Dedicated SCAP module to support focused scanning, analysis, and CyberScope reporting. Show compliance with FDCC & USGCB security configuration policies defined by NIST.
Policy editor to create custom policies based on NIST benchmarks.

The SAINT Difference

  • SAINT was first in the industry to offer integrated vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
  • WebSAINT® – US Patent 6185689 – Method for network security assessment via the cloud
  • WebSAINT PRO® – US Patent Pending
  • SAINT was the first product to receive both FDCC and USGCB validation by NIST and SAINT was the first vulnerability management solution to obtain SCAP v.1.2 validation as an Authenticated Configuration Scanner (ACS) for all 6 required platforms.
  • SAINT is accepted as a PCI Security Standards Council Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).
  • SAINT is the first vulnerability scanner to scan for firmware vulnerabilities in over 250 network devices.
  • SAINT® is CVE certified.
  • SAINT’s products are award-winning, earning the following awards from SC Magazine:
  • SAINT is available as a software license, appliance, and cloud-based (SAINTCloud)
  • SAINT was first in the industry to support the IPv6 protocol.