About Fortiedge

Based in Singapore, established with a strong focus on Cyber Security, we are a solution provider, specializing in Cyber Security practices and solutions for our clients. Our mission is to help our SME clients to secure their digital assets. We operate not just in Singapore, but regionally for clients who required our specialized skill sets.

What Have We Done So Far

  • We have performed security audits and vulnerability assessments in APAC region.
  • We have helped businesses with malware outbreak.
  • We have helped businesses affected by ransomware and implemented security measures, backup and disaster recovery for them.
  • We have setup end to end IT infrastructure solution for businesses in Singapore.
  • We have conducted security reviews for businesses to ensure their security measures are appropriate.
  • We are providing support, maintenance and monitoring services to businesses in Singapore.

Why Choose Fortiedge

  • Honesty
    We are 100% honest and upfront about our capabilities and products.
  • Relationship
    We always take the extra effort to understand your business process to provide you with the best possible solutions.
  • Proactive
    Instead of waiting for incidents to occur we always adopt constant monitoring to fix issues beforehand.
  • CREST (UK) Accredited Company in Singapore


Products and Services

  • SSL certificates
  • Secured email certificates
  • AATL certificates for PDF digital signature
  • Firewalls for SMEs
  • Utimaco Hardware Security Module
  • Vulnerability assessment scanners
  • TrendMicro Security Suite
  • Multi-factor authentication solution
  • IT infrastructure setup for SMEs
  • IT support for SMEs
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing
  • Public Key Infrastructure consultation
  • Customized digital signature solution for long term archival or mass signing
  • Security Audit for SMEs