About Fortiedge

Based in Singapore, founded in 2015, we are a IT solution provider that specializes in security products. Our mission is to help our SME clients to secure their digital assets.

What Have We Done So Far

  • We have performed security audits and vulnerability assessments in APAC region.
  • We have helped businesses with malware outbreak.
  • We have helped businesses affected by ransomware and implemented security measures, backup and disaster recovery for them.
  • We have setup end to end IT infrastructure solution for businesses in Singapore.
  • We have conducted security reviews for businesses to ensure their security measures are appropriate.
  • We are providing support, maintenance and monitoring services to businesses in Singapore.
  • Why Choose Fortiedge

  • Honesty
    We are 100% honest and upfront about our capabilities and products.
  • Relationship
    We always take the extra effort to understand your business process to provide you with the best possible solutions.
  • Proactive
    Instead of waiting for incidents to occur we always adopt constant monitoring to fix issues beforehand.
  • Products and Services

  • SSL certificates
  • Secured email certificates
  • AATL certificates for PDF digital signature
  • Firewalls for SMEs
  • Utimaco Hardware Security Module
  • Vulnerability assessment scanners
  • TrendMicro Security Suite
  • Multi-factor authentication solution
  • Services:
  • IT infrastructure setup for SMEs
  • IT support for SMEs
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing
  • Public Key Infrastructure consultation
  • Customized digital signature solution for long term archival or mass signing
  • Security Audit for SMEs